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When it comes to looking for event centres in Lagos, there are several options available, which can sometimes make it difficult to arrive at one conclusion. But worry not! We’ve put together this ultimate guide listing the top 7 things you should consider when choosing an event venue in Lagos.

From corporate venues for hosting conferences, trainings, seminars, workshops, and meetings to more social events and celebrations with unique stylistic preferences and layout requirements, this guide will cover a definitive list of all that you need to take into account when choosing a venue for any event in Lagos.

With all the fallout that could come from choosing the wrong event center—guests leaving with the wrong perception of your brand—shoddily-constructed event centres, which could pose a risk to the safety of your guests and delegates—nothing is more important than making the right choice when it comes to choosing a venue for your events in Lagos.

As one of the fastest growing cities in the world and accounting for a third of Nigeria’s gross domestic product, Lagos is a major financial centre in Africa and home to pan-African banking industry.

The megacity serves as inspiration for music, fashion, and film enthusiasts and is called home by the most culturally diverse urban populations on the continent.  Because it is the entertainment hub of the nation, it plays host to a lot of beautiful, modern, and expansive event spaces and conference venues designed to provide you and your guests with unique and memorable experiences.

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Here’s what you’ll get out of this guide:

Event Venues Lagos: The Guide to the Top Event Spaces for Hire

When you’re entrusted with hosting a great event, it can seem like a daunting task.

With so many event spaces or conference venues to choose from, how do you know which one would work best for your business or organisation?

Apart from choosing the right venue, there are a lot of other tasks that need to be carried out, from promoting the event to hiring a caterer, setting up presentations, managing event registrations, and so on. There’s a lot of planning and preparation that goes into hosting a successful event.

In order to get rid of some of this stress, it’s important to be absolutely certain about the goals and objectives of your event.

What are the specific achievements in sight? How do you want your guests to talk about your event before, during, and after?

As you start planning, there’s a lot of value in keeping your focus on the big picture. The goals and objectives of your event will guide the pre-event preparation phase, which will, in turn, help you create a more organised and unforgettable event.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Corporate Event Venue in Lagos


Top 7 Things to Consider When Choosing a Corporate  Event Venue in Lagos

When trying to figure out the perfect event venue, prioritise corporate event centres that offer the following:

Location and Transportation

Where is your event going to be held? Are you picking a venue in your locality or somewhere that is more central? The first factor to be considered when planning a corporate event is the location of the hall and the transportation modes of your guests. The venue’s proximity to guests’ homes or offices also has to be reasonable. If your attendees are coming in from out of the city or country, you need to look for event spaces that are easily accessible from the international and local airports and major bus stops. Also, ensure that the venue can be easily found with or without the use of navigation apps.

Features and Amenities

What services does the event space have to offer? Do they have a dining section on-site, or can they provide food for your events? The best event centres should provide the following features, amenities, and services to you and your event guests:

Event Centers Lagos


How many guests are you expecting? Keeping a good headcount is important when it comes to finding the right event space in Lagos. Why? If you’re expecting 700 guests, you can’t comfortably accommodate them in a 250-person capacity room. Additionally, knowing the number of delegates you are expecting will allow you to make a more sufficient budget for food provision, ticketing, seating arrangements, and more.

Car Parking Space

Hosting your event at a venue with a car parking space that can accommodate a minimum of at least 200 cars can never be downplayed, especially in a city like Lagos where such spaces are a luxury. Hosting your event at an event space with a well-secured car park can help you avoid a lot of embarrassing and awkward scenarios, such as theft of property (vehicles) and your guests leaving the venue on arrival. Car parking space should be high on your priority list.


Pay good attention to the existing interior decor of the venue, and what style is the architecture of the event centre? If you’re holding an event to launch a product, you’ll likely need a different venue than you would for an end-of-year party. The less the ambiance matches the expected feeling of your event, the more decorating is required.


Pricing must be one of the biggest considerations for an event manager. If you have a limited budget, look for not-so-expensive event centres. If you need to host a more lavish affair, be sure to have a proper budget. Always consider miscellaneous expenses. The best event spaces always keep pricing transparent.

7 Reasons You Must Consider Car Parking Space When Looking For an Ideal Event Space


7 Reasons You Must Consider Car Parking Space When Looking For an Ideal Event Space

Security of Host Vehicles 

No one really wants to worry about their vehicles getting stolen during an event, especially when they are supposed to be managing an event, right? An ideal event venue should cater to the vehicles of the event coordinators or managers. The vehicles of the event managers should be as important as those of the guests, and that leads to the second reason.

Security of the Vehicles of your Guests

The safety of your guests is a priority, right? So why get an event space that would put all that in jeopardy? Leading conference spaces should be designed to cater to the vehicles of guests coming for events.

Avoiding the Theft of Properties

There is no car parking space, no security for the cars of your guests, and there is definitely a risk of property theft. A lot of venues for hire have to deal with theft issues after the party, and it is something you do not want to deal with after your event, and it is definitely something you do not want people to talk about when they are speaking about your event.

Proximity to Event Hall

You don’t want your guests to go through so much pain navigating their way to the hall location. Actually, the distance from the car parking space to the event hall can be the reason you might lose some of your attendees. There is a soothing kind of comfort that comes with stepping off your car, and the hall isn’t more than 20–50 steps from your car.

Harassment from Hoodlums

It’s no news that people like to take advantage of other people’s frailty, especially in places like Lagos; the same story goes for event spaces as well. Top venues with inadequate car parking spaces give way to hoodlums harassing guests before, during, and after the event because they have to park at illegal spots. This action almost gives these hoodlums the licence to misbehave at these venues.

Traffic Jam

A lot of issues can arise from your guests searching for places to park when coming to your event. One of them is the fact that your guests can cause traffic jams by stopping and moving at intervals just to find enough space to leave their car for the duration of your event.

Damage of Guest Vehicles

This is all too popular in Lagos. Many people have left their cars in good shape and have come back to them just to see them damaged, all because they had to improvise and park somewhere so they could attend an event. This often shows a lack of preparation by the host and can inform their decision to come back for such an event.

Host Your Event at The Zone: A Unique Event Venue in Lagos.


Host Your Event at The Zone: A Unique Event Venue in Lagos.

Your search for a perfect event venue in Lagos is over. The Zone is a fully equipped, world-class, purpose-built facility designed to cater to space needs. The Zone is suitable for training, conferences, retreats, strategy sessions, meetings, serviced office rentals, and corporate events.

The zone is easily accessible from most parts of Lagos and just about 15-20 minutes’ drive from the International airport, Yaba and Lagos Island.

At The Zone, the class meets excellent customer service standards, offering beautiful furnished rooms with the latest audio-visual equipment and has the capacity to accommodate between 3 to 1000 delegates per time. This eco-friendly space is set on approximately 10,000 square meters and is unique for its: Unbeatable location, Vibrant atmosphere, Beautiful learning spaces, Flexible catering options and high-speed Wi-Fi, Ergonomically designed furniture , Green, Ample parking (250-vehicle car park)  Professional, friendly and responsive service.

Our facility is suitable for educational services providers, academic institutions, professional bodies, private organisations, government agencies, consultants, NGOs, embassies, organisations making a new entry into the Nigerian market and international bodies that need a facility of international standard and a serene environment.

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Choose from these event venue options;

Mandela Conference Center


Luther King Mini Conference Hall

Luther King Mini conference hall

Performance Hall

Performance Hall

Progress Hall

Progress Hall

Winning Hall

Winning Hall

Result Zone

Result Zone

Audio-Visual Studio

Audio-Visual studio

Office Spaces for Rent

Office Spaces for rent

Extensive Car Parking Space

Extensive car parking space


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