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If you previously thought training rooms had to be stuffy, dated and boring? Think again and prepare to be stunned!
We know training is a top priority for most companies so we have created a conducive and ultra-modern environment that is specifically designed for learning, exploring, transforming and growing.
Technologically-optimised, ergonomically-efficient and skillfully designed, we don’t think you’d find any better – or more convenient – place to learn.

The Zone has multiple training rooms capable of hosting 35 – 150 delegates at any point in time. Every year, about 300 training programmes are held in our fully air-conditioned, ultra-modern rooms which are fully equipped to simplify your training delivery anytime, any day.

Perfect for training, workshops and brainstorming sessions; our training rooms are adjacent to each other, which is an advantage if you want to switch rooms during trainings or workshops.


Our two biggest training halls are Performance and Drucker. These rooms can be configured to accommodate 70 – 150 trainees at any point in time.

Our in-house technicians are available on-demand during your training programs to offer technical support and ensure your programs go off without any hitch. This way you can focus on delivering excellently and developing your trainees’ competencies.


  • Projectors, High definition AV and flat-screen display
  • Flip charts & Teaching tools
  • Kinesthetic learning/team building equipment
  • Technical equipment (on-demand)

More Amenities

  • Customizable classroom configurations
  • Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi access
  • Separate relaxation/break-out area
  • Flexible catering options – water, tea/coffee and snack vending
  • Standby power supply


Performance Hall

Result Zone

Progress Hall

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