Serviced Offices: Why Top Organisations and Freelancers are Opting for These Spaces

Serviced Offices: Why Top Organisations are Opting for These Spaces

If you are not thinking about serviced offices yet, then something is wrong!

Imagine being a part of a community where you have your own corner office, where you can run your business in a comfortable, corporate, and serene environment. A space where you can send a file to the printer and have an assistant deliver them to you.

Imagine a space where you have access to a coffee maker and snacks at any time of the day; an ideal world where you can network with key industry players and top organisations executives by just taking a few steps from your space.

Sounds great right? This world already exists. Welcome to the world of Serviced Offices.

Serviced offices are also known as managed offices. They are office spaces that are equipped with all the necessary amenities for running an operational business. A facility management company fully manages these offices, and spaces within the offices are rented or leased to other businesses.

Serviced offices generally offer better and flexible rental plans which make them very attractive to many organisations that are looking for private, comfortable, and corporate offices for their regular staff and remote teams.

As opposed to high-cost leases and other hidden charges like facility maintenance, cost of furnishing, and equipment installation that come with renting regular conventional office spaces, the best-serviced offices are managed, fully equipped, and they offer very transparent daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly all-inclusive rates. As a result, more and more organisations are opting for serviced offices.

In the commercial centre of Nigeria, Lagos, The Zone has serviced offices that offer businesses and individuals the opportunity to run their business from a world-class facility without having to set up one.

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Why are Top Organisations Opting for Serviced Office Spaces?

5 Advantages of Serviced Offices

Well, it’s simple, serviced offices are the future.

The days of purchasing large office space or leasing space in a premium location with long-term, rigid leases are gone. As business requirements change in terms of costs, flexibility and productivity, large businesses must adapt their real estate strategies.

By outsourcing flexible office requirements, companies can cut down the cost of building, furniture and technology, and also guarantee that they maximise the use of their space. 

Overall, this prepares them for rapid, agile change and enables a more productive workforce. Let’s take a deep dive into some of the reasons top organisations are opting for serviced office spaces.

Cost-effective and With No Downtime

As a savvy business owner, one of your significant priorities has to be cutting costs. Research by the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply revealed that companies could save up to 78% by opting for the serviced office option.

Unlike conventional-leased office spaces, which incur a lot of hidden costs, serviced offices are readily fitted and offer transparent monthly fees. 

Serviced offices allow you to pay only for the space you need; they are usually furnished, pre-cabled, and equipped with state-of-the-art appliances with no downtime when moving in. You get to free up extra cash for other business priorities because you do not have to invest heavily in office equipment.  

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Opportunity to Network

One of the key benefits of serviced office spaces is the opportunity to network with key players in the industry. Serviced offices usually house freelancers, corporate organisations, and other businesses. 

This creates the right atmosphere for networking and creating relationships that can help the growth of your business. 

Serviced offices are the ideal solution for entrepreneurs looking to get the opportunity to get some form of connections with key players in their industry.

Flexible, Short-term Lease

Serviced offices offer payment plans that allow for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly usage. In Lagos, Nigeria, you can rent serviced offices at rates as low as ₦5,000 for daily usage, this package is ideal for individuals looking to work in a serene environment just for a couple of hours. 

Monthly charges are also popular in the city; this package is ideal for businesses or organisations that are looking to remain agile and can expand or reduce in relatively short notices.

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Market Entry Opportunity

Serviced offices are now available in different locations around the world, giving organisations and businesses looking to enter a new market a wealth of choices when it comes to establishing a base. This provides businesses with the opportunity to set up at an address that is affordable and reliable in other parts of the world. 

An ideal example is of an organisation looking to expand but needs to make market research for a couple of months before they decide on if they want to explore the market. A serviced office is ideal for such organisations.

Ready to evolve? Serviced offices could be the answer your business has been looking for and be the future of your business. There’s no need to waste time and money seeking out and setting up your business space anymore as you can let someone else look after that for you.

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Who Should Use a Serviced Office?

Startups and Entrepreneurs

Serviced offices are perfect for and startups businesses looking for office space without committing to long-term leases and hidden costs.

Companies Expanding Into New Markets

Companies that wish to expand into new regions or countries that need access to business centres around the world with short-term lease options

Businesses Experiencing Growth

Large companies that are tied into a traditional leased space that no longer fit their needs and who are looking for a more suitable area for their employees.

Project-based Teams

Project teams who need a fully-equipped workspace in a specific location for a short period while fulfilling a contract.

7 Things to Look Out for When Choosing a Serviced Office

7 Things to Look Out for When Choosing a Serviced Office

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  • Identifying a serviced office that is set-up in a corporate and desirable business location should be non-negotiable when searching for a serviced office. This could help improve the credibility of your business.
  • One question to ask when opting for a serviced office is, is this helping me reduce cost? If yes, then you have found a suitable serviced space.
  • It is very desirable to have a serviced office where payment plans and rates are highly flexible.
  • The serviced space must provide reliable and effective administrative support for all your administrative needs. You do not want to be caught in a situation where your business suffers just because you need to print a document. 
  • Nothing beats a serviced office where other key industry professionals often use and visit. Your serviced office should provide the opportunity to network with industry professionals and freelancers. 
  • One of the significant advantages of serviced offices over the conventional office spaces is the fact that you get to avoid maintenance issues associated with traditional office space as they are taken care of by the facility managers.
  • Serviced offices are known to come with meeting spaces for individuals and corporate firms to have both physical and virtual meetings. This is very important when you are hosting clients.

The Best Serviced Office Space in Lagos

The Best Serviced Office Space in Lagos

The Zone offers the best-serviced office spaces in Lagos designed to help you avoid the hassles of setting up an office. We provide the opportunity to run your business from a world-class facility in a safe, secure and conducive environment. Serviced offices at The Zone are fully equipped with high-speed internet, administrative services, meeting rooms, and a community of industry leaders and influencers.

Step into The Zone and give your business the lift it needs.

Are you thinking about serviced offices? Check out our Space Today!

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Visit us at The Zone, Plot 9, Gbagada industrial scheme, Beside UPS, Gbagada expressway. Lagos.

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