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10 Tech Events Souvenir Ideas

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The Tech industry continues to experience expansion as new entrants drive revolutionary changes in business life. Technology is ingrained in everyday life and applies to nearly all aspects of human interactions.

Technology is also changing how you plan events and the kind of experiences you can create for your participants. It's no coincidence that the most successful organisations leave their participants with lasting impressions from the gift packages they hand out during the events.

This is a genuine way of appreciating participants while indirectly opening a line of communication. This gesture often leaves guests yearning to continue associating with the brand. 

The importance of having souvenirs at your events is that when they stand out, they make your events equally stand out.

The 'free stuff' puts a smile on your participants' faces and even goes as far as creating a staying power in their memories that you're really good at what you do. So, you must ensure you pick out unique and valuable souvenirs.

A recent study in the US showed that around 74% of adults plan to buy at least one tech gift per year; this points in the direction of the kind of souvenirs that most people will appreciate at your event.

Remember that your event souvenirs don't have to be overly expensive. Instead, they should be functional, sleek, and all-around exciting.

As you prepare for your next tech event, we've compiled a list of ten (10) event souvenir ideas your participants will love.

10 Souvenir Ideas for Tech Events

Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones are a trending event souvenir idea and are a must-have item for tech enthusiasts. They are cordless, noise-cancelling headphones featuring Bluetooth and instant charging capacity. These tech devices can help your guests lock in on their work and are especially useful for people who might find themselves working in noisy environments.

Smart/Bluetooth speakers

Smart-Bluetooth speakers

A Bluetooth speaker is an all-time classic when it comes to sleek souvenirs for tech events. Participants are always thrilled to get an item they can use to enjoy themselves. They are powerful, battery-operated and can be easily transported. Some are so cool that they light up your brand logos when audio plays.

Travel adapter

A travel adapter is a need, especially for people who frequently go on business or leisure trips. This small device features a USB port that your guests can use to charge their MP3/MP4 players, smartphones, GPS units, and other devices anywhere they find themselves. So they don't have to worry about their devices going a long period without being charged.

Power bank

Power banks are portable and very affordable souvenirs for tech events. Although it's a typical tech item, you can customise it to obtain the visual outcome you want when sharing it with your guests. We think it's a great idea as an event souvenir because it's valuable, durable, universally usable and can be used for many years.

Pocket projectors

Sometimes, it can be limited to displaying photos or videos on a smartphone's small screen. However, an easy-to-use portable projector is a great companion for any occasion, whether for business or leisure.

With pocket projectors, you make it much easier for your guests to project images or presentations from their phones to any surface. It also eliminates the time and energy expended on renting stationary projectors.

LED clock

LED clock​

There are so many nice sides to an LED clock. It comes in several catchy colours and can be easily customised to represent your brand. In addition, there's a variety of shapes and sizes you can pick from to match your organisation's style and promote your logo and other visual brand elements.

Some also display temperatures and dates and can function as alarms. Like the Power Bank, your guests can use it for many years.

Wireless charging pad

As the name implies, the wireless charging pad can help your participants charge their phones without cables. We've all experienced several charging cables suddenly stopping working or even breaking due to one reason or another. This makes having the wireless charging pad an excellent souvenir for tech events.

The wireless charging pads support a number of different brands and can work with plastic phone cases.

Laptop Stand

We're in an age where most people spend long hours on their laptops or PCs. Even when people work remotely, they tend to spend more time sitting than doing hands-on activities. Unfortunately, this ultimately causes some problems, including back and neck pains.

A laptop stand doesn't necessarily solve these issues, but it can help to better their life, especially with their sitting postures. In addition, they can help your guests perform better and become more efficient.

Fitness Band

Fitness Band ​

This small, sleek and stylish device is more ingenious than it looks and can measure heart rate, footsteps, sleep and workout intensity. Your guests can use it to measure their sleep duration and be alerted when they have been inactive for a long period or are close to reaching a specific goal.

While exercising, the band display can continue to show phone notifications, including texts, caller ID and calendar alerts. Other features include an alarm clock, automatic sync and water resistance. You can be sure that your guests won't want to take the bands off once they have them.

VR Headset

We've saved the most unique of our ideas for the last.

Virtual reality is undoubtedly gaining new ground in Nigeria and the African continent. The gaming industry is the rave for so many tech enthusiasts now. What other souvenir idea will truly thrill them, like the VR headset?

Giving the VR headset as an event souvenir will undoubtedly take your organisational swag to a new level. Like many of the souvenirs we listed above, you can customise them to truly create a fantastic experience for your guests.

Trust us, they will be thrilled!


Now that you know some very unique souvenir ideas for your tech events, you can start to plan toward hosting a fascinating event that will leave your participants with wonderful memories for a long time. 

While you plan, remember that we can make your dreams of hosting a truly extraordinary tech experience happen at The Zone. We've hosted some amazing tech events, and the experience gets better every time.

Reach out to us to help you plan for your tech event and to secure an ideal hall for your big day.

Take a virtual tour of our facility here and immediately book a space for your event.

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