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A Guide to Creating Memorable Events in Lagos

So, you're hosting an event? That's awesome! Organizing and creating memorable events are two different things that can be a bit overwhelming because a lot of effort is expended on them, especially in a megacity like Lagos.

It takes plenty of creativity to go into strategies and design a meaningful and memorable event plan with its attendees at heart.

Having the right vision for the event gives you a sense of direction, as you are sure of what you want and can make strategic plans towards achieving it.

You can also choose a date and time for your event; this should be in Favour of your attendees, as you wouldn't want your preparations to be in vain should they bail on you a few days before the event.

Planning to make an event memorable can be a task, as there is pressure on the event organizers to keep attendees engaged and optimally satisfied at their events. Several measures are being taken to ensure the event remains the best and the talk of the town.

Hence, we'll look at five ways to make your events memorable. Recommended Post: 4 Key Elements To Make Your Event Unique

5 Ways to Creating Memorable Events

Choose the right event venue

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Choosing the right event venue is the first and most important aspect of planning any event and making it successful.

Your event venue goes a long way in ensuring your event remains memorable in the minds of your attendees.

When choosing your corporate event venue in Lagos, you must consider your attendees; how close is the event venue to them? Is a 5-star hotel around for international attendees to lodge at after the event?

Is the event venue large enough to accommodate your guests? What type of event is it, e.g., a tech event, and does it meet your attendees’ standards? How about the event venue's ambience? Is the environment a serene one?

Ensure you consider your guests and match the event's date and time to what is most convenient for them.

Personalize the greeting

A sure way of guaranteeing a memorable experience is through appealing to your guests on a personal level; showing how much you care and love to have them in your event; this should not only be evident in your words but in your actions as well.

To create a lasting impression and learn a few exciting things about them before the event day, there can be a section on the registration form for them to include their nicknames or interesting things they engage in during their leisure hours.

Be creative about this and do not include sensitive information. You could also drop in a "Thank You" note for them after the event as a form of appreciation; this little show of appreciation goes a long way towards seeing your event as not only unique but also memorable.

Don't underestimate the power of good food

Yes! You read that right. An excellent way of creating memorable events and making people talk about your event is to invest in the kind of food to be shared. Be sure to factor in dietary requirements and food allergies.

What type of catering services are implemented? Is there any menu available for them? It's not just about providing them with food during the event; it's about hosting them and making them feel welcome.

There is so much room for creativity, so step outside the box and opt for anything but the basics!

Prioritize the use of social media

Social media is the right tool for making your corporate event reach a wider audience. However, we should never forget the very essence of social networking.

Build a community around your brand by engaging with guests or customers on social media and using it to promote your event. You can also collaborate with top brands or invest in paid marketing to help boost your event's reach.

Your guests can also be encouraged to post uniform hashtags on their social media platforms, which can help your event trend as one of the best in Lagos.

Event attendees can also post pictures of themselves during the event with hashtags and tag the event location. Everyone who isn't present at the event can know how the event went and will look forward to attending the next one.

You could also consider live streaming the event via social media to reach international audiences who couldn't attend physically; this, in a way, can push the event to a broader reach.

After the event, do not stop at it; ensure you encourage your audience to keep talking about the event, even on their social media platforms. You can create more content from the event, and it will always set a reminder in the hearts of all about how great the event was.

Remember to keep in touch and follow up

The follow-up comes almost immediately after the event. You've hosted an event and made a good impression.

To make this a lasting one and continue to secure a place in the minds of your guests even after the event, reach out to them about what they feel about the event and the improvements to be made.

Feedback is indispensable at this time and should never be taken for granted; this shows they are well-appreciated, placed in high esteem, and their opinion counts.

Keeping in touch after the event is a crucial way to get the most out of it. You can also create an email campaign, which is another compelling way to follow up after the event and reach your audience.

In addition, you can send a survey link to get unfiltered feedback, which can also be well documented for future reference.

Please take advantage of the buzz that follows shortly after the event and keep guests engaged while the experience still lingers in their minds.

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If well followed, these insights will help make your next event memorable.


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