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Event Planning Tips: 13 Do’s & Don’ts from the Expert

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An event planning process is an integral, ongoing activity that takes time to develop, and the process of event planning is a dynamic and continuous endeavor that requires a significant amount of time to evolve.

There are numerous factors to consider when planning any event, so it is highly recommended to allocate sufficient time for thorough planning. You need the right skills, tools, and expertise to plan a perfect event.

The Do's and Don'ts from professionals will help you have the ideal event for your guests. The secret to good event planning is understanding your budget and reaching a well-balanced target.

Achieving the right balance will allow you to achieve a successful event that reflects the organization's brand objectives and mission statements and attain other vital goals in terms of budget. 

Coming up blank when planning an event can be frustrating; but do not fret. We have compiled this essential list of event planning do's and don'ts to ensure your event is memorable for all the right reasons.

This article will explore event planning tips, the dos and don't of event planning and why they are essential for a successful party.

Read on to learn more about how to craft your perfect corporate party!

13 Event Planning Tips

1. Do Select the Right Venue

Choosing the right venue for your big event is one of the most important decisions you have to make.
Your event has to be perfect and stand as a symbol reflecting your entire organization's values and ideologies.
So, you must ensure you choose a venue that will reflect positively on your brand.
The venue should be per your budget and ensure everyone can fit comfortably. Make sure the venue can hold at least three times as many people as will be attending the event; this number includes any guests you need to remember in calculating your totals.

2. Don't Underestimate the Power of Communication:

Planning an event is a full-time job.
To ensure that everything has been accounted for and works smoothly, keep the lines of communication open between your planning team to avoid delays and ensure everyone is updated with all your decisions.

3. Do Budget wisely

Ensure you set your limits correctly and stay within them. The budget is one of the most critical aspects of planning a successful event and an important event management tip.
If you go over the amount, you have set aside for your event, then it is unlikely to be a success.
When creating an event budget, a good rule of thumb is to calculate how much it costs per person, calculate what you'd like to spend on each person attending, and then divide the result.
This will give you a realistic idea of what you can spend on your guests. From this point, subtract any costs of making or buying items such as cups or napkins, which will be used throughout your party.

4. Don't leave the invites until the last minute

It is never a good idea to leave the task of creating the invitations to the last minute.
You should always ensure you have enough time to spend on the creative side of things, as this can help your event stand out.
The countdown is a vital part of any corporate event. Whether a private party or a public event, a good countdown keeps guests and visitors engaged, excited and interested.

5. Do Hire Experienced Vendors

One major tip for event planning is to hire experienced and trusted vendors.
Never compromise with the quality of your vendors. Even on a tight budget, hire the best possible services for your special event.
Vendors are the ones who help you achieve your goals, despite their prices. Make sure to choose vendors who have experience in planning corporate events and are very well-versed in all the various types of parties and arrangements.
This method of planning ensures that you don't have to worry about all of the small details personally, and it allows you to focus on things unique to your specific party.

6. Ticket Sales in Bulk

Companies should spend wisely. Many companies spend without thinking about the costs and end up paying more than the budget allows.
Avoid extravagant expenditures that don't align with your event's goals.
Overspending puts a lot of financial stress on companies, and it can lead to layoffs. Cut unnecessary costs while maintaining the quality of the event.

7. Do Remember the Details

Everything is Important. Consider the importance of any aspect of your party, even if it seems trivial.
The gestural details of the event are often what will help us remember it in years to come, so taking the time to put extra thought into these small details can be highly valuable when trying to plan a successful event.
Pay attention to even the most minor things in planning your event, and your guests will appreciate the extra effort you've put into making the party memorable.
Consider everything from the color of the napkins to the way a room is lit when making decisions that will shape your event’s details.

8. Don't Forget to Take Pictures

Even if you are not a professional photographer, you should make sure that you don't forget to capture at least some parts of your events so that you can create a memorable record of your experience.
Photography is one of the most effective ways to record and share moments from events.
Using professional photographers can help it be much more successful than if you only use amateur photographers

9. Do Aim for the best

Although it is normal to invite people to your event, be bold, aim high, and invite the right people.
Make sure that you have high-profile guests attending the event, which can help you reach more of your target audience.
Always try to attract as many influential individuals and organizations as possible to enhance networking. This will help make your event more successful.

10. Don't panic

It is important to remember that there is nothing in life that you can do without preparation.
There is no reason to panic when planning your event. Instead, take your time in planning and seek out advice from other people who have been through the same thing before.
Take the time to figure out which type of party you want to have and where you want it held (if possible).
Then, begin making plans as soon as possible and follow them precisely. Try to keep any event details the same while the party is still being planned, whether there are changes you feel should be made or others suggest.

11. Do Increase Brand Awareness

If your company is trying to launch a new product or service, an event is an excellent way to announce this new venture, ensuring everyone knows about it before its release.
Let everyone see your brand as soon as possible and let them know what kind of company you are.
You should ensure that the event is exclusive to only influential people within your organization and that they will be invited to view the launch.

12. Do Remember safety

Safety for your guests must always be a priority during an event. It is essential to ensure that your guests are not at risk of injury.
Plans must be implemented to ensure everyone is safe and happy. All the guests can enjoy a good party, and safety can only be guaranteed if precautions are put into place.
At the Zone, our guests' safety is paramount to us, our event spaces are safe and free from unexpected external invasion.

13. Do Keep Guests Engaged

There should be several ways to keep your events guests engaged within your rented space.
This will help the event flow better and keep people interested in what is going on at the event.
If you want to keep everyone engaged, there are many ways to achieve this, you can integrate games into your event, a challenge, music, a speech, etc.

In Conclusion

It is always essential to have a team of professionals handling the planning of your event, as such activities require special skills and experience.

Finding a suitable team for your event will help ensure that they plan a successful event for you and following these event management and event planning tips will ensure a successful event.

At The Zone, we provide our clients with memorable and exceptional events through seamless event planning.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure they meet their strategic goals and event goals.

Our team of event planners will plan your event by suggesting valuable ideas to help you along the way and advising you on which components will help you achieve your goals.

Reach out to us today and let us work together to plan a successful event for you and help you achieve your goals and objectives.

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