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Corporate Event Hosting Tips: 15 Do’s and Don’ts

The success of any corporate event is dependent on factors such as key speakers, attendance, and an impressive venue.

Whether it's a positive or negative experience, the way guests are treated and cared for is often what they remember.

If the hosting and hospitality levels are exceptional, guests will leave feeling a little bit special, and they will, of course, tell everyone they know about their experience, as well as return to the event year after year.

Below are some very important dos and don'ts to keep in mind: But before we get into the event hosting tips, there's one thing we need to clear up.

The event location! Finding the perfect venue for your event isn't as easy as one may think, but when you book a space for your event at The Zone and you are already on your way to had a successful event.

Pretty convenient right?! Anyway, let's get back to our event hosting tips (dos and don'ts) after that brief interlude;

15 Tips for Hosting Your Perfect Corporate Event

1. DO carefully plan your budget

Your ability to budget properly will determine the success of your entire event. Before you begin planning, determine exactly what you require for your events, such as venue rental, catering, sound and visual equipment, waste disposal, transportation, and lodging.

The specifics will be specific to your event. The goal is to know how much each item will cost and prioritize the necessities.

Don't be tempted to spend money on flashy "extras" if the necessities aren't already in place and taken care of. This is the most effective way to ensure that your event is not over budget.

2. DON’T skip the venue tour

Never book a venue without seeing it first. An in-person walkthrough is the best way to ensure that your prospective venue has everything you need and to begin brainstorming decor and layout ideas.

3. DO select a location that has everything you require


Don't let price be the only deciding factor when selecting a venue. Check that the venue can meet all of your requirements, including audio/visual capabilities, connectivity, catering, parking, and the number of guests.

Even if your office is a fantastic event space, consider a change of scenery to engage and excite your guests

4. DON’T make hasty decisions

Event planning is something that must be done correctly. It entails numerous decisions that cannot be rushed.

You might want to hire the first venue you see just to cross it off your list, but this is never a good idea. Instead, you should take your time with these important decisions and conduct extensive research.

Will the venue be able to accommodate the number of people you anticipate? Is it easy to get to? It is important to pay attention to all the points.

Putting on a successful event depends on your ability to find the right venue, caterers, and equipment. Planning of time is critical because it allows you to save time

5. DO get more assistance than you believe you will require

More people directing people to their seats and answering questions is preferable to not having enough. Basically, when it comes to staffing, overestimate.

6. DO remember that you are a brand representative

Your entire team must remember that you are representing the brand at all times during your event, so speak positively and confidently about your brand when conversing with guests and, especially, journalists if they are present.

7. DO communicate excessively


It is not enough to understand the logistics and event details; you must also ensure that everyone else does. Overcommunication is always preferable to ineffective communication.

For example, for panel events, this means hosting a panel prep. We also recommend putting important information on a central internal source to which you can direct questions.

8. DO have a checklist for your event and for confirmed attendees & speakers

You should go over your checklist to ensure that you and everyone are up to date. This checklist should include each aspect and deliverables, timings for all deliveries and arrivals, the point of contact.

9. DON’T send out invitations late

If you want your event to be well-attended, you should send out invitations as soon as you have set the date and reserved the venue.

People have busy schedules, remember. The earlier you invite them, the more likely they will accept.

10. DON’T forget to mix and mingle to break the ice

Part of your job as an event host is to connect people and facilitate networking, so make sure you work the room and don't talk to the same people all day.

11. DON’T appear overly stressed

You may have a lot scheduled, but you cannot run around the event venue looking stressed and tired. Stay as calm as possible and appear relaxed; this will increase your chances of remaining organized and focused.

12. DO keep the event's objectives in mind


You must ensure that your guests are comfortable and have a good time, but everything you do must not be outside of the event's objectives, i.e., getting people to come.

13. DO not forget to delegate

You can't do everything by yourself, which is why you'll need a team to assist you. Make good use of them, and you'll be able to efficiently manage the event's smooth running.

14. DO prepare answers to frequently asked questions ahead of time

Guests will want to know where the restrooms are, the event schedule, how to navigate their way around the venue, and other basic questions - make sure you know the answers or you could harm the event's professional image.

15. DO remember to smile!

If you want your guest to have a good time, you must also appear to be having a good time.

Furthermore, as a brand or company representative as well as a host, you must project a positive and upbeat image to your guests.

Consider these tips for hosting your next corporate event and beyond. Check out The Zone

The Zone is not just an aesthetically pleasing space that will completely wow your guests, it also has everything mentioned in tip number 4.

Take a virtual tour of our facility here and book a space for your event. 

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