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Top 5 Creative Ways to Promote an Event in Nigeria

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One of the major determinants of the success of your event is how you choose to promote it and how effective it is.

Having creative ways to promote an event, proper planning, and putting the right ideas in place help one's event stand out and achieve the desired output. An event marketing goal would serve as a model to determine the main goals of one's event promotion.

The primary purpose of any event promotion is to create awareness and get the desired result, among others, to increase engagement, ensure brand visibility, and more.

You can only be able to get these achieved with the right set of people at your event. So, we have curated five of the best creative ways to promote an event.

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5 Creative Event Promotion Ideas

1. Create Engaging Content Around Your Event

This is one effective way to promote your event; creating engaging content is one of the surest ways to have more people attend your event.

Efforts should be made towards creating engaging content for the event’s promotion; some event attendees might not be able to check out their socials. As a result, they might miss out on important information, including your event announcement.

Your content should be geared towards offering values and not too promotional to ensure higher engagement. Blog posts and discussions around the upcoming event are essential.

2. Screens and Digital Signage


Pay close attention to screens and digital signage advertisements. The information can be made available on screens and digital signage and placed strategically in particular locations for easy accessibility by your target audience.

This could be on your event premises or any other place that would help extend your message. Catchy images can help arouse curiosity, but they have to look professional and be of high quality.

3. Prioritise Social Media Platforms


One effective tool for promoting your event is social media; it helps build brand awareness, expand your reach, create audience interaction, and increase event registration rates.

There are myriads of ways to improve your social media presence. The secret lies in choosing the platform that works best for you.

Most of your event attendees spend most of their time on social media; optimising this platform would make your event reach a broader audience.

Another effective way to promote your event on social media is to determine which platform your event attendees engage with the most.

a. Facebook

A popular global social networking service, it is the oldest social media platform and one of the world's most valuable companies.

You can share your event details on your profile and add a link in your bio to where attendees can register and get a pass to your event.

Also, it's possible to engage your audience and know the total number of people attending your event.

b. Twitter

This is one of Nigeria's most popular social media platforms. What makes Twitter unique among the other social media platforms is its immediacy. Users can witness, report, and comment on global events in real-time.

Well-crafted tweets and posts can build up excitement and anticipation surrounding your event and share registration deadlines and event activities.

c. Instagram

This social media platform allows users to upload media that can be edited with filters and organized by hashtags and geographical tagging.

You can share posts publicly and browse other users' content based on tags, locations, and trends. Instagram is the perfect platform for sharing event photos or images and allows one to interact with other users.

One effective way to pull engagement on social media is by running a giveaway competition with ticket giveaways or other intended promotions.

According to Simply Measured, posts with more than two hashtags get 32% less engagement than those with no hashtags. Hashtags help to increase engagement and awareness.

4. Send Out Emails About Your Event to Your Attendees

Email marketing is one of the most effective event promotion ideas. It’s one of the surest ways to promote one's event and reach out to potential attendees.

You can start by sending an email announcing the event since they are already on your list; follow-up emails regarding the event can come in after.

Please do not send them too often; it can be twice in two weeks, so they can always open your emails.

5. Host Podcasts Related to Your Event


Hosting a podcast is a creative idea for event promotion that's often overlooked.

A 2017 survey found that more than a third (37 percent) of UK radio listeners also listen to podcasts, and 26 percent tuned in because they wanted to learn something interesting.

Touch on topics related to your event theme; you could as well host your event speakers to join in one of the episodes and give your attendees a sneak peek at what to expect.

This would leave your audience in anticipation. Also, be sure to give your listening audience details about your event and how they can easily register to attend.

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