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Corporate Event Venues: 7-Point Checklist to Choose Right

When you’re entrusted with hosting a great event, it can seem like a daunting task.

How do you know which one would work best for your business or organisation with so many corporate event venues to choose from?

The best place to start is to prioritize corporate events. Check out the following:

7 Checks for Choosing a Corporate Event Venue

7-Checks-for-Choosing-a-Corporate-Event-Venue- (1)

Location and Transportation  

The first thing to consider is the venue’s location, which ultimately affects your event’s success.

You need to ask yourself these pertinent questions: How accessible is the location? Is the location central? What is the condition of the road leading to the venue? What is the traffic situation around the location?

Having these questions in mind will guide you in making a wise decision. The mode of transportation of the guests to the location is also worth considering.

The venue’s proximity to guests’ homes or offices must be reasonable to ensure less time spent commuting to and from the venue. It is also worth considering the cost of transportation to the location.

If your attendees come in from outside the state or country, then look for event spaces easily accessible to airports and major bus stops. Also, ensure that guests can find the venue easily with or without the use of navigation apps.

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Features and Amenities

What services does the event space have to offer? For example, do they have a dining section on-site, or can they provide food for your events? The best event centres should provide the following features, amenities, and services to you and your event guests:

A. Technology

Choose an event venue that offers access to audio-visual systems, including projecting sets, televisions, microphones, surround sound systems, fast and reliable internet, and more.

For example, how sound travels through a venue is very important. Poor audio quality or echoing or reverberating sounds can dramatically impact people’s perceptions of your event.

Impress your guests by investing in an event space that offers the very best and modern technology.

B. Flexible Event Space

The best event venues are custom-built. These types of event spaces can be specially customized to meet your business’s unique needs.

From large receptions to not-so-large seminar spaces to staff training and board meetings, top event centres allow for flexibility to guests need.

C. Catering

Catering (2)

Besides offering fabulous amenities, the best corporate spaces will provide catering options or a list of vendors.

Ask to taste the meals in advance and try to accommodate guests’ unique meal preferences. Do not attempt to cut corners with catering services.

The very best events offer a range of tasty dishes, drinks, and incredible desserts!

D. Extras

Look for venues that offer valuable perks, such as internet and good projecting screens. If a venue has these extras, you can experience some significant cost reductions.


Keeping a good headcount is essential when it comes to finding a suitable event space in Lagos. Why? If you’re expecting 700 guests, you can’t comfortably accommodate them in a 250-capacity room.

Confirming the number of attendees you are targeting will allow you to make a sufficient budget for food provision, ticketing, seating arrangements, and more.

Availability and Size of a Car Park

Hosting your event at a venue with a car parking space that can accommodate a minimum of 100 cars can never be downplayed, especially in a city like Lagos, where such spaces are a luxury.

Furthermore, hosting your event at an event space with a well-secured car park can help you avoid many embarrassing and unpleasant scenarios, such as theft of properties (vehicles) or the stress of having to walk a distance from a paid car park to the actual venue.

Support Staff

When you decide on a venue for your event, go with the one that provides support staff or a team for you.

The stress they relieve you of and the ease they bring cannot be overemphasized. An in-house support team is an excellent asset for any event space. They help you save on the cost of hiring a team to help with the setup.

Additionally, support teams are trained to answer your questions before, during, and after the event.


Pricing must be one of the most significant considerations for an event manager. If you have a limited budget, look for not-so-expensive event centres.

If you need to host a more lavish affair, be sure to have a proper budget. Always consider miscellaneous expenses. The best event spaces always keep pricing transparent.


No matter how grand your event aims to be, one of your foremost priorities will be the security of your guests.

One of the primary reasons people do not turn up for events is the uncertainty about their security. While you have a role to play in this regard, the event venue also has a role to play.

When choosing corporate event spaces, especially considering the state of the world today, you should observe the level of their COVID compliance.

You should also find out about exit doors in case of emergencies and the presence of security cameras to monitor movements.

Do not let any corporate event venue make you feel like these are unnecessary; they are essential and will go a long way in preventing casualties and securing lives and properties.


While this will guide you in searching for the perfect event centre, I would like to make your search easier by recommending a venue that will help you tick right off all of the above pointers. That venue is The Zone.

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