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Top 5 Strategies to Build Trust and Improve Employee Engagement

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The secret behind a successful business is its employees. As a business owner, you might have sound and innovative ideas. Still, if your staff is not motivated or committed enough to pull their weight, there's no way to bring your ideas to fruition.

This is why every top organisation must continually be on the lookout for brilliant strategies to build trust and improve employee engagement.

There’s no denying that engaging employees is a highly effective business strategy. However, it is less straightforward to put into practice.

Whether it is structuring a new benefits package or introducing exciting perks to your employees, you must be willing to implement changes that increase job satisfaction and boost engagement.

Employee engagement is the degree to which an employee feels motivated and passionate about their work. In a nutshell, employee engagement is used to signify an individual’s connection to their organisation.

A highly engaged workforce will likely result in enhanced productivity, improved profitability, and a low attrition rate. This will inevitably translate to seamless, efficient business processes.

If you are wondering how to motivate your employees and build team unity properly, here are some excellent strategies to build trust and ways to improve employee engagement.

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Top Strategies to Build Trust and Improve Employee Engagement

1. Create Career Paths and Provide Growth Opportunities

According to research published by CNBC, ninety-four percent of employees say they’d stay at their job longer if they felt the organisation truly invested in their career.

This implies that supplying employees with the right number of opportunities to enhance their skill set and keep their jobs on track keeps them engaged and motivated.

When you prioritise your employees by choosing to invest in their personal and career development, it shows that you trust them implicitly; no doubt, they would be encouraged to repay that trust.

2. Always Recognise Your Top Performers


Another important strategy for enhancing employee engagement is to keep employees engaged and motivated by recognising top achievers, showing them that their work is valuable, and helping the organisation achieve its long-term objectives.

You could offer them cash prizes, gift cards, shopping coupons, an award plaque, or anything in line with your company’s core values.

Regularly showing employees that you recognise and appreciate their efforts is a worthwhile gesture that goes a long way in boosting self-confidence and overall performance.

In addition, you could provide a chance for employees to acknowledge top-performing colleagues.

For instance, consider developing a platform for employees to nominate anyone in the company who exhibits the company’s core values weekly or monthly.

The accompanying feeling of respect and recognition by their team members will help employees become more engaged.

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3. Endeavor to Promote Workplace Transparency

It is crucial to carry your employees along as frequently as possible if you want to keep them engaged.

Suppose your team doesn’t know what’s happening in the background. In that case, it is unlikely they would be willing to invest in the company’s vision with renewed energy.

Conversely, suppose they begin to feel left out. In that case, there’s every likelihood it would eventually lead to management distrust and a distinct lack of confidence in the leadership structure.

So, while you may decide to be cautious about disclosing certain sensitive information, you should also strive to be upfront with your team members about the business performance and decisions that directly affect them.

4. Create Room for Sincere Feedback


To keep employees engaged, you must create a system that allows employees to ask questions freely and share their thoughts.

If possible, you should make C-suite executives accessible to all employees, even if it is by appointment only or just for a few days out of the quarter.

In addition, and even more importantly, endeavour to utilise feedback provided by your employees.

Nothing is as disengaging and demoralising to employees as they feel like they are wasting their time sharing information vital to them that would not be acted upon. So, try to listen and act on their concerns.

5. Look for Ways to Revamp Your Office Space


Your office environment and outlook affect employees’ engagement to a large extent.

For example, have you realised that cubicles are becoming less common in today’s corporate space? This is primarily due to their world, and that’s mainly due to their impersonal nature.

Isolating employees makes communication and collaboration trickier, which are two factors vital for business success.

If your office is built in a more restrictive manner, tweak your floor plan to promote cross-communication between employees.

You can also have private spaces in place if people have a meeting or need to concentrate on a project.

Establishing an office setting that encourages open access helps solidify relationships among peers, building a sense of belonging that’s crucial to fostering an engaged workforce.

In the long run, it would lead to improved connections, teamwork, and productivity.

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Choosing to improve your employee engagement is a tactic that builds trust, an excellent step in the right direction, and is a massive win for your company.

By following the process outlined in this article, you will realise the numerous positive impacts a highly engaged workforce can have on your business.

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