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“DIY – simple life hacks to try at home.” 

Coronavirus has literally changed how we live our lives. You can barely check the tabloids and not find a story about how much this pandemic has affected our everyday life.

 From building hospitals every six days in China to ghosted cities across the world, this has been one of the most daunting couples of months in recent years.

Currently, three major cities in Nigeria (Lagos – the economic capital of the country, Abuja – the political capital & Ogun – the industrial capital) have been placed on compulsory social distancing, with many more states also instituting the lockdown policy.

As a result, business services in the affected states have ground to a halt and supply chains have become disrupted.

From the closure of event venues, retail stores to unavailability of repair services, life, as we know it, has been turned on its head and might remain so for weeks to come.

This is a significant change for a lot of people and surviving these couple of weeks requires learning a different set of skills and all the help you can get.

If you have been used to getting up and going out to work a major part of your life, everyday life might seem a little tricky now since you would be spending so much time indoors.

Here are simple life hacks we have gathered, tested (on ourselves) and deemed valuable in making life easy during this pandemic.

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14 Simple Life Hacks You Can Try At Home

Quickly Fix Yourself a Hand Sanitizer

Quickly Fix Yourself a Hand Sanitizer for simple life hacks

Most stores and supermarkets ran out of hand sanitisers as soon as the World Health Organisation confirmed it was one of the necessary precautionary measures against the Coronavirus so much it had to be rationed at chemists in some parts of the world according to the BBC 

So if you ever run out of hand sanitisers, here is a quick way of making one for yourself at home. All you need is rubbing alcohol, aloe vera gel, an essential oil, e.g. coconut oil. Mix them and sieve the mixture. Your hand sanitiser is ready & safe for use.

Time Marked Water Bottle

Time Marked Water Bottle

One major thing to do during this period is always to drink water as often as possible. But it might be challenging to keep track of the time and how much water you have taken. An easy way to do that is to simply time mark a water bottle.

Draw lines on a bottle of water with a marker pen, and then indicate the time beside each marked level. The marking will be a  reminder for you to drink water, and it can help you achieve your daily water intake requirement in this period.

Get Rid Of That Migraine

Have a migraine, and you can’t easily access the pharmacy? No problem at all, Just try this simple hack.

Get a bowl of ice-cold water, put your hands in the water and begin to gently flex your hands in the water for as long as you can endure. That should fix your migraine/dreadful headache.

Beat the Snooze

Beat the Snooze in simple life hacks

Working from home can be a bit tricky; you almost feel you can wake up anytime and can miss your alarm from time to time. Not to worry, here is a simple hack of beating the snooze.

Place your smartphone in a glass cup to hyper-increase the volume of your wake-up tune. You would definitely get up this time.

Get Rid of Body Odour

Were you unable to get to the supermarket to replace your deodorant before the lockdown and you are worried about staying fresh and clean? Try our simple life hacks.

Dab Apple Cider Vinegar on your underarm twice a day using a cotton pad OR rub a mixture of lemon juice and water on your underarm once a day.

Fresh Breath in No Time

Fresh Breath in No Time

Ran out of toothpaste and you can’t find a store to get a new one to brush your teeth? Here is what might keep that breath fresh. Chew some apples! Simple, isn’t it? Remember to get a new toothpaste though.

Also, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Get That Meal Evenly Heated 

We all have had to warm a meal in the microwave at one point or the other, and a large percentage of us have had to return the meal to the oven to warm it over and over just to warm it evenly.

Here is a quicker way to heat the meal evenly. Simply space out a circle in the middle almost making the meal take the shape of a giant doughnut before popping it in the microwave. Ta-da! Your meal is ready to eat.

Chilled Drinks in 15 Minutes

Need a cold beverage in 15 minutes? Just wrap a wet toilet paper round a bottle of drink and place it in the freezer. In about 15 minutes, the drink would be almost completely ice cold.

Prevent Water from Boiling Over

Prevent Water from Boiling Over

Ever start boiling water in a pot and need to attend to something in another room and you are worried about the water boiling over? Simply place a wooden spoon across the pot to prevent it from boiling over.

Clean a Blender with Ease

Cleaning a blender after using it can be quite tricky. Here is an easy way of getting it squeaky clean with minimal effort.

Put little liquid soap in the blender, add water to it then place then turn on the blender and let it whirl for a little while. Stop the blender, then rinse with water. There you have it – clean.

 Smelly Shoe Issues

Trying to get rid of that embarrassing foul smell that exudes from your shoe? Here is a simple hack of doing that. Place tea bags in the shoe, and they will absorb the smell. Remember to dispose of the bags when you are done with them.

Awfully Smelling Microwave

Awfully Smelling Microwave

Does your microwave exude a foul smell when you open it? Here is a simple trick to fixing the smell. All you need is a bowl that can fit in the microwave, two lemons and water.

Cut the lemon, put them in the water in the bowl then place the bowl in the microwave. Turn on the microwave and leave it for about 5-6 minutes. That should get rid of the odour.

Binge with Joy 

Watching a movie and you are tired of leaning your phone onto something where it will eventually fall off after a while? Just use your sunglasses. Fold the handles of the sunglasses halfway and place the phone on the handle while you gently make the phone lean on the inside of the glass frame and there you have it, you can binge for as long as you want.

Keep Your Shower Head Clean

Keep Your Shower Head Clean

Showerheads can get dirty pretty often and getting them clean without damaging anything can be tedious. Here is a simple tip to keep it clean. Simply fill a plastic bag with some white vinegar and tie it to the showerhead with the head immersed in the vinegar. Leave it there overnight, and then remove the bag. You would be amazed at how clean it can get with no work at all.

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