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Event Location: An Essential Element for Event Planning in Lagos

Excellent event locations are the foundation of great events.

Event planning in Lagos and selecting an ideal event location during the planning process become integral parts of a successful event, especially in a fast-growing megacity like Lagos.

Many hosts find securing a perfect location daunting; they experience difficulties, especially with event centres without online visibility.

Some select the next available venues without considering the shortcomings of choosing the wrong event location.

Whether you are holding a social event, a convention, seminar, exhibition, workshop, training, corporate event, or an intimate meeting, your event's location will make a world of difference to your attendees or guests.

Event management best practices include prioritising and taking cognizance of the event location.

Organising a standout function in a metropolis like Lagos requires a more strategic plan to achieve the collective vision of the event.

If you intend to gain more knowledge about choosing an event location and learn about mistakes to avoid when planning an event in Lagos, then this article is for you.

First, visit The Zone to get guide for choosing the top event venue in Lagos Then, you can determine where in Lagos your event will be held while considering the location of the event hall, which could be the mainland or island.

Since location happens to be an essential element of event planning in Lagos, we have put together some factors to consider before selecting your location.

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5 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an Event Location in Lagos


Since the venue's location ultimately affects your event's success, here are some vital aspects to pay attention to when selecting an ideal location for hosting your event in Lagos.

1. The proximity and how central the location is

The ideal settings for conducting corporate or engaging in social activities are easily accessible to all in a central location and very convenient for guests.

It should be simple to commute to and not very far from the major road or highway and should have minimal traffic and various transportation options.

Suppose your guests are travelling from outside the city or country; in that case, you should opt for event locations close to the major bus stops and international/local airports, and don't forget to consider the distance from public transportation.

Make sure the place is also simple to locate, both with and without the aid of navigation apps.

2. What's the cost of renting a facility in that location?

As a business manager, coordinator, or event planner, managing the budget is essential, even if you need an ideal event venue.

You do not have a budget to work with, but there are many other things you will have to spend money on.

For these reasons, you need to ensure you maximize costs and get value for your money; this is what makes you a pro. Weigh the cost options between the Lagos mainland and the island.

3. Is it a fully secured location?

Events are likely to attract any and every type of crowd, especially in a very busy city like Lagos.

It all begs to have a certain professionalism attached to it, which is more reason to prioritize securing the lives, vehicles, and other properties of your attendees. Hence, a secure venue with top-notch security is vital.

4. What's the hall capacity and room capacity available?

Along with the budget, the hall and spaces available at the location are yet another aspect to consider.

You will need a venue that can accommodate your guests, sponsors, speakers, vendors, and support- staff, because you don't want your guests to feel choked due the space, nor would you want it to feel empty.

Will the space allow onsite parking in their garage or a taxi service?

Knowing how many delegates will attend will help you create an adequate budget for food service, tickets, seating arrangements, and other expenses.

5. Ambience and style of the event location or venue

Lagos events are usually bright and colorful, considering the multi-cultural diversity of its inhabitants.

Therefore, based on the theme of your event or meeting, you need to consider if the venue's style, mood, and atmosphere suit the occasion.

The location sets the scene and defines many choices related to the event, so you must create the right atmosphere, perfect lighting, and other features and amenities.

Would your guests feel valued and consider the event ideal? Would the location create a life-long memory for your guests?

In addition, the ideal location for celebrations and functions will offer top-notch food and catering options, as well as flexibility or customizable surroundings to decorate the hall in line with a particular theme or style.

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