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5 Creative Workspace Solutions to Boosts Productivity

What is the connection between an employee's productivity and the office space they work in daily? Is there any connection, or do people in specific industries play these mind games to drive demand for their products and services?

These questions are valid when it comes to discussions around employee productivity and creative workspace design. We do know that our environment is a major contributing factor to how we turn out in life.

For example, we see that if you grew up in an unsafe environment, you either turn out to be a threat to society, or you become overly security conscious, borderline paranoid.

Based on this foundation, we can infer that our work environment can immensely influence us, especially productivity.

Productivity is Important

We can agree that productivity is as essential to a business as the heart is to the body. It is what eventually leads to growth in all aspects of the business.

However, if employees are not productive, products and services suffer, sales drop, clients never return, business folds up, and and a beautiful dream dies. Scary, but that is a picture of what low productivity generates.

Your workspace has an enormous impact on how you work—on your ability to focus (and stay focused) and your general ability to be productive. According to Gensler, the most significant factor that affects an employee's ability to focus is their physical environment.

A creative workplace office can boost productivity by about 20%, which means that a well-designed workspace can either aid or reduce your creativity. While there are many other factors, your environment is the first factor that affects your mood and focus.

You can see an increase in employee productivity if you also pay attention to the structure and setting of your office.

It should not just be the location but also the office furniture and equipment setting, the flow between employee spaces, and the overall aura of your workplace.

Keep reading for tips and advice on how to achieve this.

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5 Tips for a Creative Workspace



The colours in our environment affect our mood and how our brain works. It activates a physical and emotional response to the things around us, including work.

Studies show changes in the body and brain when people see specific colours—changes like this influence productivity and other things like creativity, health, stress levels, and communication.

A particular Colour psychologist, Angele Wright, explains the circumstance "Colour travels to us on wavelengths of photons from the sun, which are converted into electrical impulses that pass to the part of the brain called the hypothalamus.

The hypothalamus governs our endocrine system, hormones, and much of our activity." So, choosing the right colours for your workspace can affect your employee's productivity.

Ergonomic Furniture

Furnishing your workspace for aesthetics is excellent, but you should also pay greater attention to the ergonomic design of the furniture.

If you have ever had to adjust, stretch, or move too often to be focused while sitting on a desk, then you know the pain of not having a piece of comfortable furniture.

In today's work environment, where so many of us are sitting for most of our day, your work desk must suit your body.

Things like your feet resting comfortably on the floor, eyes 24-36 inches from your computer screen, a reclined chair posture to reduce pressure, and low back pain are some of the benefits of ergonomic design in furniture.


Yes, Plants!! And this is not to create an ambience for Instagram photos; even though it works that way, plants greatly benefit a workspace.

While they contribute to the aesthetics of the workspace, plants also make the workspace feel more dynamic.

The more active a workspace is, the more active employees are as they carry out their duties, which also influences productivity in the long run.

Research has shown that plants also help to produce cleaner air and reduce stress.

Here is a list of plants you can have in your workspace that are easy to care for: Rubber tree, Corn plant, English ivy, Aloe, Peace lily, etc.

Proper Lighting


Proper lighting makes all the difference. It radiates energy around the workspace and keeps employees alert and focused.

On the other hand, poor lighting causes eye strain, headaches, fatigue, and overall discomfort.

Dark spaces are usually associated with depression and demotivation, but a creative office space with proper lighting inspires creativity.

Therefore, it is essential to have ample lighting in your work area. Indeed, proper lighting is an essential contributor to the increase in productivity.

Noise Level

While the level of noise in a workspace depends on the size of the team, company culture, type of work done, etc., it is essential to note that noise affects your employees' ability to focus on a task.

Organisations can provide cancellation headphones and soundproof walls to reduce external noise, which is beyond their control.

Employees are different; there is no one-size-fits-all approach that you can adopt regarding design, layout, and choice of furniture that will suit everyone.

However, we can allow employees to determine personal touches like the colour in their office, the design on their walls, and the freedom to have a plant. In that case, it will allow them to be creative and express themselves in ways that will increase productivity.

If you have a team or intend to build one, consider the outlined tips when looking for a creative workspace solution.

You can also save yourself the trouble of searching and take a virtual tour of our fanciful private serviced office. You can also reach us via email at hello@thezone.ng for more inquiries.

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