5 Corporate Event Ideas that Will Get Your Employees Buzzing 

5 Corporate Event Ideas that Will Get Your Employees Buzzing 

Corporate events are now deemed necessary in most organisations; recently, it has become a part of the budget.

Companies in touch with social trends have realized quickly that events are a way to connect more with their employees, appreciate them, get clarity on their pain points and challenges, and market their products.

Moreover, business events are an effective way to leave an impression on the staff – a good impression most preferably.

The corporate events that leave a long-lasting impression on staff are those executed with care and that truly consider the following questions with a view to eliminating productivity downtime.  

  • What is essential to my employees?
  • How can this event make them feel seen, heard and appreciated?  
  • How does this event show that, as a company, we care about their health and wellbeing?

Until companies start to see employees as more than just profit-making tools, but as the complete balanced individuals they are with interests, passion and challenges, only then can everyone win.  

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The Bigger Picture – Benefits of Corporate Events  

The Bigger Picture – Benefits of Corporate Events

Some companies might still struggle with the idea of churning out money for events, and it is simply because they cannot see the more significant value, the bigger picture. 

Instead of focusing on the tangible value in ROI, companies should see the intangible value in advocacy, referral marketing, productivity, client satisfaction, positive brand image and a healthy work environment. 

In addition, studies have shown that organisations that promote a strong company culture have reduced employee turnover and more engaged employees, which increases efficiency and better public reputation.  

While there are many ways to show employees that they are appreciated and valued; well thought-out events show that you put in resources and effort into creating an impactful yet memorable experience.

Now that you understand the need for creating a corporate event to benefit your employees, you may struggle with knowing the best approach to this, so we put together five (5) corporate event ideas below; 

5 Corporate Event Ideas to Boost Your Employer Brand 

5 Corporate Event Ideas to Boost Your Employer Brand 

  • Award Nights/Ceremony

The best way to show employees you care is through public appreciation and reward for their efforts and contributions to the company.

A great way to do this is by organising an award ceremony where staff are publicly recognised for their role in the progress and growth of the company.

This leaves a lasting impression on the minds of everyone present and motivates others to strive to do better because everybody loves recognition. It also promotes healthy competition amongst teams.

For an event like this, you can also look inward and tap into the talents of your employees and clients, creating a platform for expression, and who knows, you might have just discovered the next superstar. 

  • Arts and Culture Corporate Events

This kind of event cuts across different age groups, societal strata and therein lies the beauty.

Supporting or even creating arts themed event is a great way for your organisation to interact with that community, while also indulging employees with an experience that will delight them.

By executing this sort of event, you do not only give staff an experience to remember, you open your business to the arts and culture community.

For corporate events based around arts and culture consider the following event ideas; music concerts, live theatre, painting, art shows, wine tasting, or cooking classes. 

  • Drive-in Movie Night

Instead of renting out an entire cinema, you could choose to reserve spots at a drive-in movie for employees. These drive-in theatres are less expensive and your guests can bring in their own snacks and drinks of choice.

This is different from the convention cinema hall, in an enclosed space that can get boring at some point.

But with the drive-in theatre in conjunction with the blue sky and evening stars, you are sure to have a corporate event your employees and clients will be grateful for. 

  • Company Retreat

Who says you cannot take your employees on a weekend-long getaway for your corporate event?

While you may have to adjust your event plans a bit (read: not fly the whole team to the Maldives), there are still great ways of making this happen.

You can go to resorts or beach houses within your state. You can also plan a visit to a state within your country for sightseeing, and other planned fun activities. 

  • Health and Wellness Corporate Events

It is said that health is wealth, and rightly so. The state of the health of employees should matter to the organisation as this automatically affects productivity at work.

Corporate events based on health and wellness are not just social trends but they are important, they show that employees’ well-being is of priority to the organization.

Ideas for health and wellness corporate events include; dance sessions, walks/marathon, yoga classes, health seminars, free medical checkups etc. 

Employees love an experience that leaves them buzzing, talking, and sharing

Employees love an experience that leaves them buzzing, talking, and sharing. While you might have thought that you have to go over the moon to achieve this, we believe that the list provides insightful guidelines to help you create a corporate event that will keep your employees buzzing.

However, you do need an event space to execute some of these events, and that is where The Zone comes in. Along with the fantastic ideas above, The Zone is a spacious, world-class, easily accessible facility for your corporate events. To see for yourself, click here for a virtual tour, or send an email to hello@thezone.ng to book a space. 

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